Stager elevators-Anelkistires-3D design-3D sxediasmos-Visualisation-FotorealismosStager elevators-Anelkistires-3D design-3D sxediasmos-Visualisation-Fotorealismos


The client wanted to 3D design and create the photorealistic illustrations of the structure of the alternative types of lifts and all the alternative colors, designs and materials that exist for the elevator cabins.

The challenge was that we had to analyze the mechanical designs and properly plan each type of lift by removing unnecessary details to have the properly structured desired result. Also, due to the volume of cabin materials and designs, we photorealistically depicted many designs so that the client can create the cabin database on his website and that his final customer can see and choose the cabin style he wants to order.


3D design │ Visualisation



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