Casababy-Baby furniture-Vrefika epipla-3D design-3D sxediasmos-Visualisation-FotorealismosCasababy-Baby furniture-Vrefika epipla-3D design-3D sxediasmos-Visualisation-Fotorealismos


The clients wanted to present all the new & old baby furniture by upgrading their aesthetics in different spaces. After designing the furniture we created the spaces, delivered all the images so that they were used on the 2017-18 printed catalog and their corporate website.

The challenge was to measure and photograph the furniture that was already manufactured so that they would be 3D designed and fully clarify the sketches of the new furniture. This, of course, has become a routine with the uninterrupted cooperation with the clients so we/they do not waste any time or effort at all.


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Casababy-Baby furnitures-Vrefika epipla

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